When I’m asked to describe my approach to solving problems in the healthcare digital strategy and digital patient experience spaces, I respond with four words: Think revolutionary. Act evolutionary.

The first step is to create a vision of where you could be. What does future state success look like? If we could harness the highest potential of digital technologies, tools, and solutions, what would that allow us to do?

How can we bridge the gap between the way we use digital in our everyday lives, and the way hospitals and health systems engage with patients? How can hospitals, health systems, and the industry that supports them become “digital first” the way that their patients already expect?  That is thinking revolutionary.

The other half of my approach determines the way organizations to get there - step by step. In other words, reduce the distance between the organization’s current reality and its ideal future state by developing a strong digital strategy and implementing a solid roadmap to get there. By doing so, organizations improve their bottom line and, crucially, remake the patient/customer experience in a way that dramatically affects patient care.

I’m at my best when I’m helping organizations embrace, develop, implement, and optimize a “digital first” philosophy of healthcare and patient engagement.


Here are a few of the ways @chrisboyer llc can help your organization become “digital first”:

Digital transformation: for some, it’s terrifying. For me, it’s just another day at the office. I am at home creating integrated programs focused on increasing market share and boosting an organization’s return on investment (ROI) through sales, referrals, and patient engagement.

Technology and vendor assessment/selection: I love to explore the ever-expanding spectrum of available online tools – from websites and social media to CRM and marketing automation – and use that understanding to help hospitals and health systems glean the right information, knowledge, and insight from their digital investments.

Align digital with strategy: Throughout my work with clients, I take a holistic approach that aligns an organization’s digital presence with its branding, communications, and engagement strategies.

Measurement strategies: I’m known by some as “the ROI guy” because I focus on creating digital approaches that complement branding, marketing, patient experience, and communications strategies and deliver measurable results.

Digital team optimization: I know how to align existing digital departments and create high functioning new teams comprised of digital, content, design, development, and analytics professionals.

Omni-channel digital integration:  I unlock the patient engagement process by creating 360-degree views using customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, social media, mobile, and lead generation management systems.