Touchpoint Podcast 3: Online Reputation Management

n the third installment of the TouchPoint podcast, Reed Smith and I discuss online reputation management (ORM), how best to define it and what elements are important for hospitals to consider. From SEO to social media to publishing HCAHPS scores on physician profiles, we explore the impact good reputation management has on the digital patient experience and wonder if there are better ways to measure reputation, in real life. We also have fun debating the merits of third-party review sites vs. a hospital website as the most authoritative source for a health system’s reputation. Lastly, Rob Birgfeld of Inova Health System joins from an evening commute to discuss best-practices on gaining organizational support of reputation management. A fun and informative episode!

You can listen to it here: The Touchpoint Podcast or, better yet subscribe to the Touchpoint Podcast on iTunes.