To say I’m passionate about healthcare digital strategy and digital patient experience probably doesn’t go far enough. I’m inspired to help healthcare organizations connect with the potential of digital in ways that, quite literally, will make patients safer, help providers do their jobs better, and ultimately, save lives.

Healthcare is personal for everyone. This is my story.

When I was 18 years old, I landed in the hospital with life-threatening complications resulting from my previously undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. Among many other challenging experiences during that time, I got an up-close look at the way healthcare works.

From the day I left the hospital until the age of 30, I struggled to manage my care. I didn’t know enough about my disease, and I didn’t have the tools to communicate effectively with the doctors and nurses who were trying to help me. Although I wanted to be healthy – like many people do – the rigidity and complexity of the healthcare system proved to be a significant barrier.

But something changed in my 30s. Useful online tools were cropping up left and right – tools that could help patients and providers communicate and had the potential to put a patient’s care back into the patient’s hands. I cobbled together my own personal healthcare management system and brought my diabetes under control.

The promise that I saw in those tools 19 years ago is reality today. The technological capabilities have matured. But in healthcare, we’re still not using them the way we want to. The way we could be using them. We’re still missing the opportunity to help millions.

People call me the ROI guy, but really, I’m interested in ROH – return on health.


As principal of @chrisboyer llc, a digital strategy consultancy dedicated to revolutionizing the way hospitals and health systems engage digital in their strategy and operations, I work with clients in a range of capacities. Here’s a sample of what I do:

Guide the formation and development of digital experience strategies that align the online patient experience with organizations’ business, brand, mission, and vision strategies

  • Innovate, introduce, integrate, and optimize digital tools and processes for organizations’ sales, marketing, customer service, and product development efforts
  • Assist with the RFP and selection process for new digital solutions
  • Manage change at the C-suite executive and departmental levels
  • Lead strategy, development, and implementation across marketing, PR, patient access, development, population health, and clinical integration
  • Help healthcare organizations build out their marketing and communications technology “stack” with healthcare-focused, best-of-breed approaches
  • Develop a “digital first” culture that empowers employees and patients to shape their experiences using digital

Design effective inbound and outbound digital strategies

  • Develop a “digital first” culture that empowers employees and patients to shape their experiences using digital Align websites, CRM, mobile, marketing automation, social media, electronic medical record (EMR) and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) with “offline” activities
  • Optimize content creation and content marketing efforts
  • Enhance SEO, search engine marketing, and social media marketing strategies
  • Define online patient experience through patient journey mapping and persona development

Model visionary leadership at the intersection of creative and digital

  • Develop new digital product offerings, create thought leadership content, recommend marketing and sales collateral and content
  • Educate organizations on digital growth opportunities, train sales teams, and optimize digital tools’ role in sales enablement approaches
  • Manage sales pipeline, lead execution of sold opportunities, act as lead digital strategist, manage digital account and creative teams
  • Restructure organizations’ departments and teams to ensure digital is the driving force behind all of their communications activities