Leader in healthcare digital strategy and customer experience.

Inspired to make healthcare work better - Digital is how we get there.


Who I Am

To say I’m passionate about healthcare digital strategy and digital patient experience probably doesn’t go far enough. I’m inspired to help healthcare organizations connect with the potential of digital in ways that, quite literally, will make patients safer, help providers do their jobs better, and ultimately, save lives. Healthcare is personal for everyone. This is my story.

When I was 18 years old, I landed in the hospital with life-threatening complications resulting from my previously undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. Among many other challenging experiences during that time, I got an up-close look at the way healthcare works.

For years, I struggled to manage my care. I didn’t know enough about my disease, and I didn’t have the tools to communicate effectively with the doctors and nurses who were trying to help me. Although I wanted to be healthy – like many people do – the rigidity and complexity of the healthcare system proved to be a significant barrier.

But 20 years ago, something changed. Online tools were cropping up to help patients and providers communicate and had the potential to put a patient’s care back into the patient’s hands. The promise that I saw in those tools years ago is reality today - and the technological capabilities have matured. But in healthcare, we’re still not using them the way we want to. The way we could be using them. We’re still missing the opportunity to help millions.

People call me the ROI guy, but really, I’m interested in ROH – return on health. 

What I Do

As a digital leader dedicated to revolutionizing the way hospitals and health systems engage digital in their strategy and operations, I work to help organizations with a range of capacities:


Guide the formation of digital experience strategies across the online customer journey and digital front door


Design effective digital strategies to support healthcare organizations, online customer experiences, patient access and operations


Model visionary leadership at the intersection of creative, digital and business - relentlessly focused on the customer


Model digital structures to support organizations’ business, brand, mission and vision.


Think Revolutionary,
Act Evolutionary.

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When asked to describe my approach to solving problems in healthcare digital strategy and digital patient experience, I respond with four words: Think revolutionary. Act evolutionary.

The first step is to create a vision of where you could be. What does future state success look like? If we could harness the highest potential of digital technologies, tools, and solutions, what would that allow us to do?

How can we bridge the gap between the way we use digital in our everyday lives, and the way hospitals and health systems engage with patients? How can hospitals, health systems, and the industry that supports them become “digital first” the way that their patients already expect?  That is thinking revolutionary.

The other half of my approach determines the way organizations can get there, step by step. In other words, reduce the distance between the organization’s current reality and its ideal future state by developing a strong digital strategy and implementing a solid roadmap to get there. By doing so, organizations improve their bottom line and, crucially, remake the patient/customer experience in a way that dramatically affects patient care.

I’m at my best when I’m helping organizations embrace, develop, implement, and optimize a “digital first” philosophy of healthcare and patient engagement.

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